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My moon has faded...

luna passed away. i only had her for 3 weeks. she was horribly infested with fleas, and they just sucked all her blood, they tried a transfusion but it was too late. i gave her baths and i combed her out all the time, she was too young for any flea medication. it was all my fault. i couldn't get rid of them. it hurts so bad. she's buried next to estrella, i've lost my star and my moon. i want my puppies. i want my puppies back so bad. i never heard a dog scream in pain before till last night. it was horrible. the vet did all he could. she was so tiny, she was much smaller then estrella was when i first got her, and the fleas, ugh, the blasted fleas. i wanted to punch them so badly, i wanted them all to just die right then and there...but they were all over my baby, and i coudlnt' hurt her anymore then i already had. i feel so miserable. i take them from a home expectating to give them a good life, and they die such horrible deaths. mi luna y mi estrella.

in other news. to inform you all...yesterday i got my tounge hurts...i hurt. i hurt all over. i want my puppies.
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