Megs (pinkpyro013001) wrote,

It's the first official day of autumn!

i remember the other part cause the pain came back. i have a UTI and i believe it's turning into a kidney infection. i've been on antibiotics for about 4 days now. and i've had to piss like no other for about 4-5 days before then. and you know i've had the nausea and cramping...and then last night OMG. all i wanted to do was get sick and i couldn't and i tried, even stuck my finger down my throat, but all i coudl do was dry heave...and the cramping, and like my muscles in my stomach just kept contracting, and then this pain, oh man, this really sharp pain just shot through my back, and now there's this dull pain in one spot on the right side of my back...and a slight pain on the left but more on the right. and i was crying. nate got me soem tylenol. and that helped with the sharp pain, but it still hurts bad, i'm goign to have to go to the doctor again...blah.
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