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ok. i had my orientation today. it was alright. kind of boring, just talking, so ya know...and i figure this first month of school will be pretty boring too since most of it is book work...but we do get to work on our doll heads. yey.

went looking for a job. got an application at the family dollar(oi) everywhere else that i stopped in today not hiring. :/ but next monday i'm going to go to some resturants, and like hardware stores...then the last thng i wiill check will be fast food and grocery stores.

doesn't sound like the greatest day right? but then...oh but then...i went and picked me up a female purbred yorkie. 9 wks old and she's about the size of 6 wk old. :) so i'm guessing she's goign to be really tiny like estrella. i showed her estrella's grave cause i don't want her to be jealous, and i just hope that estrella understands that i'm nto replacing her...i just need the physicalness as well. i know that sounds crazy but i loved that dog more then anything. so i'm trying to come up with a name for her. i want something to represent me, her, and estrella. so i'm trying to think of something that has to do with like the solar system, but not just the word star. so far i really like celestial...but it hasn't really had that..yeah that's perfect...ya know? so maybe soem name's of stars...the names of the moons...does saturn's rings have indvidual names? ya know stuff like that....any ideas?
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