Megs (pinkpyro013001) wrote,

update on my dog!

ok, well the attorney general lost my complaint! so i have to wait to get another one and re-file it. this is so ridiculous, and very upsetting for me. i still want another dog, but with me going to school, i won't be able to get one any time soon.

my parent's have to close down the greenwood store, and bring everyone and everything over here...meaning? i'm out of a job again. :( damn it! i'm goign to be lookign for a job around mooresville, and i'm going to try to avoid food, but it's looking un-avoidable...dominoe's are hiring delivery drivers, 8-12$ an hour, but i don't know if i want to do that much driving around...and i know mooresville, but i don't know liek all the new housing additions and such. so yeah. i'd really like to get soem sort of job in a salon, liek as a person who the scheduling or soemthing, but most places are only open....the days and times i'll be in school :( argh! doesn't look liek nate and i got the place in greenwood either.

blah. this is beggining to suck...but i'm tying to be optimistic. my first day of school is monday. i have about $500 saved for that'll hopefully at least get me through 4-5 months. maybe 6 if i'm super lucky.... so yeah....i was goign to say some more stuff, but spaced it all....oh i won't be able to go out much, or see anyone much with me going to school, the timing, and budgeting is goign to be really rough.
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